PEER 1 Hosting’s “Team 2012” keeps London businesses online during summer events

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PEER 1 Hosting, the global online web hosting provider, has announced today the launch of its own “Team 2012” to offer assistance to businesses needing to stay online during the events taking place in London this summer. The move is in direct response to Government warnings to London businesses about disruption they may encounter as a result of events taking place in the capital.

In its booklet, “Preparing your business for the Games”, LOCOG warns, “In developing your business continuity plan for the Games you will need to ensure that any increase in homeworking is supported by appropriate IT, and that internal systems and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been engaged in the planning process so that the demands on the system can be understood and managed.

It is possible that internet services may be slower during the Games or in very severe cases there may be drop outs due to an increased number of people accessing the internet.”

Dominic Monkhouse, MD of PEER 1 Hosting UK said: “For many businesses, the events in London this Summer bring the potential of increased business whilst also presenting potential of increased complexity. We have had a number of enquiries from businesses based in and around London and the South, who are dependent on the internet, whether it’s for back office SaaS applications, ecommerce sites, customer service portals, virtual training or anything in between, who want to make sure their business benefits rather than suffers from the increased activity on the capital.

PEER 1 Hosting is uniquely positioned to help organisations doing online business in London during the summer events. Our wholly owned and managed 10Gbps FastFiber Network™, Portsmouth Data Centre, High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services and Content Distribution Network (CDN) are designed and managed to deliver uptime and reliability at all times. And because they circumvent the network quagmire that will be London during June and July, businesses that need to be online nonstop can stay online nonstop.”