Plantronics Releases Voyager 5200

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For extremely mobile professionals, having to collaborate from very noisy environments such as train stations, coffee shops, airports, or even outside at a park, is an everyday occurrence

With these people in mind, Plantronics has announced two new communications devices developed for those who are constantly on-the-go and need to sound professional in even the most challenging situations: the Voyager 5200 and Voyager 5200 UC. These Bluetooth devices feature WindSmart technology which ensures wind and noise reduction. Voyager 5200 is available today in the US, followed by Voyager 5200 UC in May. Both devices will be available worldwide by July 2016.

“Today’s mobile professionals face the unique challenge of staying connected while still communicating clearly and confidently from extremely challenging call environments, including crowds, traffic, coffee shops, and one of the most notorious of difficult call scenarios, a windy day,” said Jan Caldarella, senior category director of consumer solutions with Plantronics. “Offering an all-new approach to eliminating wind and background noise, Voyager 5200 lets you confidently focus on what you’re saying rather than where you are, while delivering the comfort, intelligence, multi-device connectivity, and ease-of-use that are the hallmarks of our Voyager line of professional communication headsets.”

Designed for stability and comfort on a wide range of ear shapes and sizes, it will fit 90 per cent of people. It can achieve seven hours of talk time on a single charge — and with up to nine days in standby mode. A multi-purpose charging case provides up to an additional 14 hours of talk time on the go.