Portal ‘essential’ for partners’ £2m pipeline, says Jola

Jola has hit a new milestone this October with over £1m of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in its major bid (over £5k MRR) partner pipeline. This equates to nearly £2m MRR for Jola partners.

The global eSIM MVNO reached over 1000 partners earlier this year and predicts the ‘huge demand’ for mobile data for IT projects to increase ‘dramatically’ over the next few years.

“Four years ago when we first started working on major mobile data bids with our partners, none of the tenders even mentioned self-service portals,” said Adrian Sunderland, CTO, Jola. “Today, nearly 30 per cent include parent-child online management panels as a minimum requirement.

“It’s no surprise that we see this change primarily in second generation projects. End user companies that have rolled out multi-site IoT/M2M deployments have found them impossible to manage manually. From capacity management to usage and fault diagnosis, everything is so much easier with real-time control.”

Sunderland added that when projects come up for renewal, a comprehensive portal moves from ‘desired to essential’. 

“With specialist third party bid consultants involved in helping companies write tenders, this is only going to increase,” he said.