Porting services resume as Openreach clears backlog

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Following an industry call with the OTA today, Openreach has provided further update on the porting disruption of last week. During the call Openreach confirmed several points which will ease the minds of partners still looking to get their customer's businesses set up remotely right now.

•They have cleared the backlog of ports that had built up due to disruption last week.

•They are now pretty much operating as business as usual in this area.

•New orders should now be accepted/rejected and port activations completed within normal SLAs.

•Their voice contact channels are still closed and will be for at least the rest of the week but they hope to re-open their e-chat by the weekend.

In an email to customers today Laura Moore, Support Team Leader at Magrathea, commented, "Openreach have clearly made a great effort over the weekend to clear up some backlog and we are seeing orders starting to progress through the system. We are managing to activate accepted orders but these are taking extra time so we ask for your patience over the next couple of days while everything gets back to normal.

"To give our team the best chance to manage all of the ports already in our system to our usual standards, we kindly request that you continue to hold any ports involving BT for another day or two. Because we anticipate an influx of new orders towards the end of this week please note we will process them strictly in order received and will do our utmost to stick to industry standard lead time, however it may take a few more days before all parties are fully ‘business as usual’."

It looks as though we are starting to see the tail end of the disruption and those with dates moved to the end of this week will hopefully be unaffected.