Premium quality NeoSpeech TTS now available through Aculab Cloud

1 min read
Aculab today announced the availability of NeoSpeech TTS within its Aculab Cloud platform. Using either Python or .NET, it is now simple to integrate premium quality TTS into a range of applications, significantly reducing the cost of providing a range of automated information and IVR services.

There is a universal need for SMBs and enterprises to automate calls, where possible. Doing so means that human resources can focus on the more critical, technical, personal and revenue generating calls, whilst speeding up the time it takes to deliver the information a customer/caller desires. Nevertheless and despite the proliferation of Web-based help and customer self service options, it remains absolutely necessary to offer customers a voice channel, for all manner of queries.

On those occasions, TTS provides a practical and widely accepted way for callers to obtain information from an automated system. However, the flexibility and ‘interaction enhancing’ qualities of such technology typically comes at a price – high license fees and (relatively) huge computing resource consumption.

Until now! By adding NeoSpeech TTS to Aculab Cloud’s portfolio of telephony resources, developers no longer need to provision for peaks, and outlay significant CAPEX to setup and run their service. They simply write their automated service application, register it with the Aculab Cloud in their region and deploy – thereafter, they just pay for what they use when they use it.

Uniquely, there are no additional charges for using NeoSpeech TTS with Aculab Cloud as it is ‘all inclusive’ with the standard 1¢ per minute platform rate.

Faye McClenahan, Head of Strategic Marketing at Aculab commented, “Making it easier for people to add telephony or use telephony to aid their business work flows is a prime objective. By adding a premium TTS engine to the ‘use-on-demand’ telephony resources of Aculab Cloud, which we’ve included with no increase to the standard platform rate, we are helping businesses reduce costs. Furthermore, we are making business automation viable and affordable to both enterprises and SMBs.”

The first languages to be made available for NeoSpeech TTS include: UK English (female), American English (female) and American Spanish (female).