Protect your organisation from the risk of high data usage

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The demand for constant access to the internet and business information whilst on the move means we are downloading more and more data on mobile phones and tablets.

The average smartphone user downloads approx. 325 MB per month, and this is growing year on year by over 100%. By 2015 over 90% of traffic on smartphones will be data traffic – mostly web browsing and video streaming.

With twice as many personal devices connecting to corporate networks now than compared to two years ago, IT managers need to ensure employees are aware of the security risks they are exposed to when using their own smartphones and tablets. Businesses supporting Bring Your Own Device policies also need to understand their employees’ data usage and ensure that they have the most suitable mobile data plans in place.

Mobile device management solutions can help businesses monitor and manage all types of mobile devices used within the work arena.

However, employees remain the best line of defence. Business owners and IT managers must help them to understand the security elements of protecting their corporate networks and introduce best practice to help minimising threats posed by mobile data downloads.

The Minimising Mobile Data Downloads Infographic is a valuable resource for educating employees about their data usage.