Red Box announces Cloud9 integration

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Red Box has extended the breadth of its voice capture capability through an integration with Cloud9’s cloud based trader voice communications platform, C9 Trader.

The Red Box offering with Cloud9’s C9 Trader desktop – available now as part of its 4C release -- also integration with compliance archiving and analytics tools, opening up the potential for organisations to audit 100% of calls and unlock valuable business insight.

Regulations such as Dodd-Frank in the U.S. and MiFID II in Europe require investment firms to keep complete records of trade-related communications and provide them to the regulator if requested. Built on Red Box’s comprehensive open API architecture, the Cloud9 integration extends the broad range of platforms Red Box integrates with, ensuring all records are in one place and making it faster and easier to reconstruct trades.

Pete Ellis, Chief Product Officer of Red Box commented, “Financial services organisations need a way to capture all communications around a trade so that events can be quickly and easily reconstructed if requested by the regulators. Voice remains a key communication method in a trading environment and conversations will be taking place across multiple platforms; cloud-based and traditional telephony systems, or mobile phones - all of which can be captured in one place by Red Box.”

“As Cloud9 has evolved its services, we have continued to expand the possible options our customers have to meet and exceed their regulatory obligations. We are pleased to take part in the integration with Red Box because it now offers many of our common customers an additional choice for voice trading archiving and analytics,” said Stephen Kammerer, Chief Product Officer, at Cloud9 Technologies. “Red Box’s open API philosophy is in line with our own, ensuring customer sovereignty over their captured voice data and seamless integration with best-in-class data and analytics providers to enable advanced compliance, trade reconstruction, and surveillance.”