Red Hat and Tech Mahindra collaborate on new telco hybrid cloud solution

Red Hat and Tech Mahindra have announced a collaboration to make it easier for telecommunications service providers to accelerate and manage 5G adoption and deployments across the hybrid cloud.

Tech Mahindra’s Multi-mode Companion Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can support multiple network use cases, spanning RAN, edge computing, transport and 5G core, to extend capabilities across hybrid cloud environments with integrated automation and orchestration capabilities.

As service providers adopt hybrid cloud to enable more highly available and reliable 5G services, compute resources and data are being increasingly decentralised across core data centres, at the edge and in the cloud. As a result, service providers are looking for ways to minimise the complexity that comes with managing and securing workloads across these diverse environments.

Tech Mahindra’s Multi-mode Companion Cloud enables service providers to more seamlessly off-load on-premises workloads to hybrid cloud environments, that includes Red Hat OpenShift on-premises and on AWS. This helps to increase scalability, speed cloud migrations and make managing 5G services easier via a centralised orchestrator and integrated automation capabilities.

Red Hat OpenShift provides a more consistent infrastructure and application layer to support operations at scale across any cloud environment, with Tech Mahindra’s offering a single-pane-of-glass view to manage infrastructure and automate applications with zero touch provisioning. In addition, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes enables full cloud lifecycle management to automate Day 0 and Day 1 configurations and manage workloads across Red Hat OpenShift clusters on-premises and on AWS.

The collaboration between Red Hat and Tech Mahindra gives service providers the necessary level of automation across the hybrid cloud, from the core data centre to the edge to AWS, offering more seamless cloud lifecycle management and intelligent workload placement. Thus, service providers can reduce manual tasks and minimise network inefficiencies by integrating with existing systems and platforms, enhancing synchronisation across the hybrid cloud while still supporting varied network needs.

To further support the offering, Tech Mahindra and Red Hat have collaborated with i2i systems and Rebaca. i2i systems' 5G Core Network on Tech Mahindra’s Multi-mode Companion Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS can be used to create a redundant 5G core network to help drive high-speed, low-latency connectivity. ABot, Rebaca’s cloud-native continuous test assurance and analysis solution for 4G, 5G, and ORAN, can execute 3GPP-compliant test scenarios and analyse real-time KPIs from different layers of the network, providing an optimised framework for verification and "right-sizing" of telco workloads on various platforms.

Honoré LaBourdette, acting senior vice president, global telco, Red Hat, said, "Telco services providers are faced with an increasingly heterogeneous cloud landscape, which can bring additional complexity and potential inefficiencies when trying to meet network demands. By combining the power of Red Hat OpenShift as a trusted foundation for hybrid cloud applications with Tech Mahindra’s leading services and cloud orchestration tooling, service providers will be able to more quickly and easily support a full spectrum of network use cases on combinations of on-premises, private and public cloud scenarios."

Manish Mangal, global business head, network services and 5G, Tech Mahindra, said,
"As we embrace the era of artificial intelligence, telecom networks are on the brink of a significant evolution. Our Multi-mode Companion Cloud solution, seamlessly integrated with Red Hat OpenShift, is poised to revolutionise the landscape. This groundbreaking solution empowers service providers with a streamlined approach to managing the entire lifecycle of network workloads on hybrid cloud. At Tech Mahindra, we foresee a future where the synergy of AI-driven technologies, coupled with strategic partnerships, drives transformative operations for service provider networks, with our Multi-mode Companion Cloud leading the way."

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