Rent a Call Recorder

1 min read
Retell’s multi line call recorder rental scheme is gaining pace and offers resellers the opportunity to win profitable business that they might otherwise lose.

As many customers continue to delay important purchasing decisions due to the economy Retell believes that their Sense call recording systems offer a range of easily and profitable upgrades, low start up costs and the option to rent.

A spokesman for Retell commented, ‘We have been at the forefront of driving calling recording costs down whilst increasing features. There’s a strong argument for not delaying a decision to opt for call recording even in these difficult times. The business that can identify its most and least effective employees, protect itself against disputes and improve customer service will emerge stronger than its competitors”.

Retell offers an entry level trunk recording solution (Sense Client) which can be upgraded to integrate call management and logging (Sense Call Analyser) as well as mobile call recording and with the option of a free voice firewall to prevent PABX system hacking. Sense Call Analyser in particular is a very powerful business tool. The spokesman continued “The rental scheme offers resellers the opportunity to make margin and we believe once installed it will never be removed.”