RES Push Channel Agenda

1 min read Cybersecurity
RES is expanding its roster of strategic security channel partners across Europe as enterprises face an ever more complex and sophisticated mix of security attacks

The company has seen an increase in security related queries during the first five months of 2016, with ransomware, malware and GDPR the key business drivers. Interest has been particularly prominent across the public sector and financial services, which rely heavily on mobile working and accessing sensitive information whilst on the move.

RES expects to recruit five strategic security partners over the next three months in order to help it capitalise on this market opportunity and broaden its reach, with a specific focus on the enterprise market.

Grace O’Rourke Veitch, VP Channel EMEA, comments: “The cyber security landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The problem is that the majority of companies still view protecting their organisations as a technology issue, not a business one. This is a dangerous mindset that introduces multiple risks and vulnerabilities – something hackers are more than happy to take advantage of. The rapid and prolific rise of ransomware is a perfect example of this.

“RES ONE Security bridges this chasm between the needs of IT and that of the business, in a way that is unique to the market. That’s where we believe there is a real opportunity for the channel to help their clients tackle some of the very pressing challenges that they face. With GDPR looming large on the horizon, the spider’s web that is cyber security is only set to get more complex,” O’Rourke Veitch added.

The company recently unveiled RES ONE Security for the Workforce, a platform that provides a people-centric approach to managing security, identity, access and governance in both virtual and hybrid environments. RES believes the platform addresses many of the industry’s key complaints about existing technologies, which is that they can be cumbersome, complex and require ongoing manual alignment with business policies.

O’Rourke Veitch concludes: “The channel has a real opportunity to become a strategic advisor to its clients. To do that, they need dynamic solutions that understand the new 24/7 operational environment, in which employees are dynamically connected to a whole host of devices. We believe that’s the part of the jigsaw puzzle we can help the channel with.”