Ridgewall Group awards PRD billing contract

Managed services provider Ridgewall Group has selected PRD Techologies to provide a billing solution for its newly merged acquisitions.

The MSP required a billing solution for the multiple billing platforms inherited as part of several recent acquisitions of specialist managed ICT companies. PRD Technologies was selected due to the scalability, customisation and integration capabilities of its Intelligent Billing software.

Simon Adams, MD of PRD Technologies, explained that one of the Ridgewall Group subsidiaries already utilised PRD’s Intelligent Billing software and approached the company for support with its expansion plans.

“Their immediate need was for a converged billing solution for four of their acquired ICT companies, capable of processing approx. £1m billable data per month, with the capacity for this to rapidly scale-up.

“We’re pleased to announce the systems went live in April, after the successful migration from multiple existing platforms, integrations, including to NetSuite, and development of new bespoke functionality.”

Mark Balzaretti, group operations director at Ridgwall Group said that migrations can be notoriously stressful, but that working with PRD Technologies had been a ‘refreshing experience’. 

“The successful merger of QDOS-sbl, Connecting London, Telnet International and Nomis Connections, along with the implementation of PRD’s Intelligent Billing solution, now means that the Ridgewall Group are in a strengthened position to provide an enhanced range of specialist Telephony, Cloud, and ICT managed services to address the industry’s ever-growing complex challenges,” Balzaretti added.