Rocom Strikes a Deal with Ericsson

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Rocom has concluded an agreement with Ericsson that adds the full range of Ericsson systems and applications to its portfolio. “We shall be instrumental in extending the reach of one of the industry’s most respected brands,” said Richard Carter, Rocom’s Business Development Director.

The range includes the MD Evolution, a brand new system with which Ericsson will compete in the SME sector for the first time. Also offered will be the Business Phone family of products that offer solutions in the 25 to 250 extension range. At the higher end of the scale are the MD110 and MX-ONE, which target users requiring up to 30000 extensions.

“These are heavyweight solutions,” said Carter, “and give Rocom additional flexibility as it targets SME and enterprise customers. We shall be able to do so confidently – the brand carries the greatest credibility. You cannot get a better endorsement than to be chosen by BT to develop its 21st Century Network.”

Carter also has the highest expectations of Ericsson’s Ethernet Access product. “Broadband is now essential for every organisation and take up is running at over 70000 connections a month. An obstacle to universal implementation at sites such as hotels and university campuses is the cost of re-cabling. Ethernet Access overcomes this as it delivers broadband over existing copper cabling. The market potential for all partners – including the channel – is immense.”

New strategies demand a new distribution model, not merely a re-alignment of resources. Bob Old, Rocom’s Chairman said, “We are partnering with a vendor whose name carries the highest prestige. Ericsson’s reputation will facilitate the winning of higher margins by creating an opportunity for dealers to sell their price.

“For our part, we are setting up a dedicated Business Unit headed by Jenni Hill, who makes a welcome return to Rocom. Total technical and bid support will be available on demand. The technical support function will be headed by Andy Wilson. It’s worth mentioning that Rocom achieved accreditation at advanced level in record time.”

Carter sees rich potential for the partnership as IP adoption accelerates. “There will be growing customer led demand for the replacement of legacy systems. The channel can only benefit from the proposition that Rocom will offer.”