SafeWeb reaches 30,000 subscribers

Candio has announced that SafeWeb, the company’s dark-web monitoring tool, has reached 30,000 subscribers in the UK.

SafeWeb scans the dark web and informs users about sensitive information that has been found so they can take action. Information that can be found by the service includes passwords, emails, and credit card details.

Tom Chedham, business development manager, Candio, commented, “ All businesses need dark-web monitoring if they can afford it. You don’t know what you don’t know and without tools like SafeWeb – you don’t know what information exists within the Dark Web if your company’s payment information is available for purchase on the dark web you want to know about it before a huge bill gets ran up.”

Chedham added that partners are having success with SafeWeb for a couple of reasons. He said, “It helps them grow their recurring revenue and grow organically as a business, [as well as] help[ing] them increase the value they provide to customers. I’ve heard from a couple of partners that customers have said I can’t leave you and cancel SafeWeb because I need to know if my payment info is on the dark web.”

SafeWeb provides customers with a monthly reporting highlighting what information it has found about their business on the dark web.

The report also includes simple advice about how to fix the issue that has been found. The tool was launched in 2022 and hit the 10,000 subscribers milestone in February this year.

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