Save a Bundle with 118 777 say Unicom

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If all directory enquiries calls went to just one single number, then costs to residential and business phone users would be cut by £77.7 million a year.

Unicom, the business-to-business telecoms provider, says that if every call went to its recently launched directory enquiries number, 118 777, then the £249 million currently spent on such calls would shrink by 31% - the price by which it undercuts BT's equivalent service.

"If everybody switched over to 118 777, then the cost of directory enquiries calls would be around about a collective £77.7 million less each year, which is a great result for the British public," said Chris Earle, Unicom's Operations Director.

118 777 from Unicom is available to both business and residential users.

Priced at 49p connection charge and 14p per minute, 118 777 undercuts the three main current directory enquiry service providers - 118 118 by 34% and Yellow Pages' 118 247 and BT's 118 500 by 30% - for an average duration call.

"The price may be more than competitive, but it does not mean we provide a cut-price service.

"118 777 provides a high level of service along with all the other types of directory enquiry information a customer might expect. It's a notably memorable number so if customers use it once, they will be happy with the service and price and will use 118 777 again and again."