ScanSource Creates Partner Matching Tool

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Distributor ScanSource Communications Europe has announced SUMO, an online tool created to provide networking and partnering opportunities for value-added resellers (VARs), hardware vendors and independent software vendors (ISVs).

SUMO is an international online “networking community”, supported by all ScanSource business units in all geographies, and comprised of the key types of businesses in the specialty technology space: hardware manufacturers, ISVs, and VARs. Encompassing a Google search appliance, SUMO allows members to seek out potential partners by entering specific search criteria into a search bar, which then returns companies that match the search criteria.

Through SUMO, resellers can extend their reach by finding partners in other technologies and geographies, enabling them to be more competitive and strengthen their product offering. For example, a SUMO-generated partnership can help a VAR effectively extend its geographic reach. SUMO can also help VARs create alliances by identifying companies with specific technology or vertical market expertise. ISVs looking for advice on ways to market their software solutions can identify high-potential VAR partners. Hardware vendors can locate VARs with specific skillsets in a particular geography to help close deals.

"We have found SUMO to be a great networking tool," said Hili Shrem, director of business development, Visual Retail Plus. "We are looking to grow the number of resellers offering our POS software, and SUMO has allowed us to speak to management-level representatives of companies that we never would have learned about if it weren't for this tool. We are clearly talking to the right universe of people and look forward to gaining new business opportunities."

ScanSource says SUMO also enables VARs to compete on more deals due to an extended partner network that can be tapped into to participate in specific opportunities. In essence, SUMO is a search engine in a closed community. This allows users to access information that is more relevant to them than a larger search universe would provide.

“We are seeing more and more members of our channel explore partnerships as a means to extend their sales and support ‘reach’ and be competitive in more deals and opportunities. SUMO allows VARs to easily explore and broker new relationships that can enhance their offering, in essence taking the networking opportunities typically afforded only at conferences and trade shows and putting it at their fingertips 24X7,” said Bobby McLain, vice president of marketing, ScanSource, Inc. “SUMO delivers targeted results relevant to our customers’ and vendors’ specific needs, allowing them to effectively expand their business and create incremental demand for their products and services.”

ScanSource is currently accepting technology providers into the SUMO community.

Providers must be affiliated with the ScanSource channel to be considered.

To become a SUMO provider, please go to