Secure mobile SharePoint access on any smartphone or tablet made possible with the launch of SharePo

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Azurati has today launched SharePoint2Go, which provides secure mobile SharePoint on any smartphone or tablet for enterprise users

SharePoint2Go is a cloud-based service that is designed to address the barriers or concerns organisations may have about addressing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Mobile security features are the heart of the SharePoint2Go solution, making it one of the most secure mobile SharePoint solutions on the market today, combining a range of features unmatched by rivals. A demonstration and free trial is available on the Azurati website.

This is the first product from Azurati, a new company also announced today, bringing together professionals with expertise across mobile, security, cloud and SharePoint. Says CEO Ronan Lavelle, “While there are other vendors attempting to address this market, we believe that ours is the only one that addresses the demands of organisations who want mobile SharePoint access with enterprise grade security on any smartphone or tablet.”

Better mobile productivity

SharePoint has been deployed to an estimated 65,000 organisations worldwide according to Microsoft observer, However, most users do not have a means to securely and easily access SharePoint out of the office, or if they do, cumbersome log-on procedures and a user experience that is not optimised for working on mobile devices. With more users becoming mobile – particularly with the growth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – organisations are seeking ways in which to mobilise SharePoint, without compromising security and ensuring that mobile users can remain productive. SharePoint2Go is designed to address that need, while helping organisations to get better return on their investment in SharePoint.

Strong security

SharePoint2Go combines multiple authentication options, including smart card and 2-factor authentication with 256-bit SSL encryption, to create a mobile SharePoint solution that will not only boost the productivity of mobile users, but will also ensure that information security is protected.

With SharePoint2Go mobile users are able to access their mobile SharePoint environment without having to enter any usernames or passwords. No data or content is left on the device to compromise information security policies in the event that mobile devices are misplaced or stolen. The solution architecture has been scrutinised by an independent technical architect and information security specialist in April 2012.

Simple to deploy and BYOD-ready

Any IOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry device is supported and there is no need to go to an App Store: Azurati can deploy the app direct to thousands of customers rapidly. SharePoint2Go is a new generation of mobile web applications, which Azurati sees as having particular benefits for enterprise customers, such as:

•Cross-platform and device format support

•Enterprise-class security

•An easy way to purchase user licenses

•An easier way to deploy mobile applications to end users

•A more effective way to administer and manage mobile user access rights

•Mobile web apps that behave like Native mobile apps

•Zero footprint - no cached data or content on the mobile device

•Support for custom SharePoint WebParts via SharePoint2Go

SharePoint2Go has been designed using the latest web and mobile technologies, like HTML5, client optimised Java Script and CSS3 and is designed to be deployed to one or thousands of users.

SharePoint2Go is provided as a cloud-based service, using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to provide the back-end infrastructure to ensure global, secure and high availability deployments. The application opens in a mobile web browser, but to end users, it looks and behaves just like native mobile applications; with an App button on the mobile device home screen and a user experience that is optimised for productive mobile working on any IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone device. SharePoint2Go also has the capability of using device-based functionality, like GPS and alerts.


SharePoint2Go is currently being evaluated by several large organisations worldwide with a view to imminent deployment. Azurati is simultaneously building a channel of partners worldwide to support SharePoint2Go and future solutions.

“With more and more smartphones and tablet devices being used in the workplace, providing secure and cross-platform mobile access to enterprise applications - like Microsoft SharePoint - has taken on a new importance for our enterprise customers.

Azurati’s SharePoint2Go solution is well placed to take advantage of the emerging market for secure mobile enterprise applications and Content and Code are pleased to be working with them to deliver mobile enterprise solutions that help mobile users to be more productive” – Tim Wallis, CEO Content and Code, three-times Microsoft worldwide partner of the year award winners.

“The growth of mobile technology solutions in the enterprise continues to accelerate and the unlimited resources of Windows Azure makes it a perfect partner to build them on. We are delighted that Azurati chose to build on the Azure platform and to see their customers reap the benefits of the cloud.” – Darren Strange, Microsoft Azure Platform Strategy Advisor.