SeeThru Networks secures Innovate UK grant

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SeeThru Networks has received nearly £50,000 in funding from Innovate UK’s Fast Start Competition.

Under the scheme, the UK government has awarded £40 million of funding to 800 businesses to drive forward business-led innovation throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

SeeThru Networks’ app connects IT service providers together and sends results directly to the end-user. The user can see which services are working and where the issues are, allowing them to go directly to the right provider. The company has said the funding will be used to build its team and create a new approach to service delivery.

Nick Randall, co-founder of SeeThru Networks, said, “It was incredible to be chosen by Innovate UK to receive one of their rewards. This money will mean the next steps for our vision can be realised. This grant means we can help our partners and their customers, who include telemedicine users in the NHS at a trust and a GP surgery.

“SeeThru Networks reduce costs for businesses in the supply chain by allowing digital service providers to collaborate and share their status with end-users. By cutting out the middleman to manage customer services, it reduces customer churn, improves relations, and reduces costs.”