Sennheiser Communications declares a new brand for the future - EPOS

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Sennheiser Communications has celebrated new entity EPOS at an event hosted by Nimans.

Nimans’ staff heard how EPOS is 100% owned by Demant which has a £1.7bn global turnover. The new EPOS name is derived from Latin and ancient Greek, used to describe epic stories, speech and poetry. The company specialises in enterprise solutions, air traffic control and also the gaming sector.

Three pillars underpin the EPOS ethos – passion for performance, pioneering audio technology (sound, voice and AI) – alongside products ‘crafted to last and designed to excite’.

Resellers will soon be able to take advantage of a valuable Deal Registration Programme with enhanced margin potential, complemented by special pricing support and the expertise of a ‘high touch team’ with 30-day trial units and site visits. All products are backed by 24 or 36 month warranties. In addition, a new partner portal, launching soon, will provide resellers with a one-stop resource for marketing material and all the latest company information.

EPOS UK Sales Director Jane Craven says the company has the freedom and flexibility to develop seamless collaboration technologies, building on its acclaimed headset heritage.

“The platform is firmly in place for us to develop and lead this sector with a host of exciting new product developments, much more than innovative high performance headsets – in collaboration with global players such as Microsoft, Zoom and Amazon Chime,” she emphasised.

“We will be more agile and able to move more quickly. The future is very bright and working with a key partner such as Nimans will help propel EPOS further forward.”