Sennheiser Launch MB 660 Series

Sennheiser has created the MB 660 Series, designed specifically for knowledge workers in noisy open offices. The business-grade solution features adaptive ANC, a new dimension in active noise cancellation, UC certified communication abilities to ensure crystal clear speech during voice calls and Sennheiser’s superior audio quality for music and multimedia enjoyment.

“Today’s open office environments have been shaped to facilitate fast, flexible collaboration. But there will always be times when we need to reclaim space for ourselves – either to fully concentrate, communicate and collaborate in mobile work environments or simply to relax while listening to music,” said Andreas Bach, President at Sennheiser Communications A/S. “Research shows that noise and distractions in open plan offices can have negative effects on productivity. With MB 660, we can now upgrade the work experience for office workers, help them take control of their environment and create a disruption-free workspace for increased productivity and well-being.”