ServiceNow Launches Partner Certification Programme

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ServiceNow, the creator of cloud services for enterprise IT management, today launched its new Partner Certification Programme, designed to help partners differentiate themselves in the growing market for cloud services.

ServiceNow will now be offering classroom and online training courses and certifications for partners in Sales, Admin and Support. It has also appointed former Symantec and IBM executive John McNamara as the company’s global partner marketing manager to support the new Partner Certification Programme and future channel initiatives.

With the cloud market predicted to grow 27.6% year-over-year until 2015 according to analyst firm IDC, ServiceNow’s Partner Certification Programme aims to provide partners with the tools they need to grow their business exponentially. The Partner Certification Programme allows current and prospective partners to become Certified ServiceNow professionals based on their number of implementations, expertise customising the platform, and customer satisfaction levels. The programme is synonymous with the company’s major growth strategy outlined at its recent

Knowledge11 event in San Diego, California, attended by 72 of its partners.

“ServiceNow revenues are doubling every year, with our existing partners already reaping the benefits of being in such a growth market; the Partner Certification Programme allows us to support our partners in their efforts more effectively and provide them the tools they need to successfully convert more opportunities,” said John McNamara, Global Partner Marketing Manager. “Many of our partners are not just selling ServiceNow as a solution; they are building an entire business toolkit on the platform.

We value that level of expertise and want to provide those partners a chance to stand out from the crowd and take on more business.”

“We see SaaS becoming of increased relevance to businesses wanting a quick go-live and tangible benefits in a short space in time. ServiceNow is a big part of our business and our partnership has allowed us to work with some of the most prestigious names in the industry,” said Mike Beale, Managing Director at TeamUltra. “The ServiceNow Partner Certification Program will allow us to provide customers with exceptional service and a focussed approach to grow our business further.”

To support the new Partner Certification Programme, ServiceNow has not only set up a new curriculum, the company has also recruited a dedicated team to train partners. Jon Lloyd, ServiceNow Director of Global Learning, is managing the new curriculum and has experience building similar programs at Macromedia, Adobe, and Websense.