Shazam Launches “Unlimited Free Tagging” Globally on Apple iOS Devices

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Shazam, the world’s leading mobile discovery company, today announced a major change to its free App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices, giving Shazamers unlimited free tagging. This shift to “no limits” means significantly more opportunities for Shazamers to discover and engage with their favourite music, television shows and brands.

Andrew Fisher, Shazam CEO said, “Shazamers already identify over 1 billion songs each year and go on to purchase over $100 million in digital music via our service. Now, with no limits, people can Shazam even more songs they don’t know – or they already know - to conveniently purchase them, see the lyrics, watch the official music video, share on Facebook, Twitter or email, get recommendations and purchase concert tickets instantly. Unlimited free access means people can use Shazam even more as part of their daily lives”.

Currently in the US and soon to arrive in the UK, Shazam provides people with the opportunity to more deeply engage with their favourite television shows as more broadcast and cable networks offer exclusive, new content directly to the Shazam community. Similarly, many of the world’s leading brands want to reach and directly engage the 150 million Shazamers via their mobile and television advertising.

“All of this is possible due to the increasing maturity of mobile advertising and the strength of Apple’s iOS ecosystem. Because of these essential improvements, we can make this fundamental change to unlimited usage in our free App.” said Fisher.

Shazam’s free App is supported primarily by advertising, exclusive sponsorships and product sales.