Shift To The Cloud takes on the cloud giants with OnApp

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Cloud services powered by OnApp generate 50% of growth in just four months

Shift To The Cloud, the cloud hosting division of Belgian service provider Stone Internet Services, has chosen OnApp software to build a new range of cloud and CDN services to compete with global cloud giants like Amazon.

Using OnApp has enabled Shift To The Cloud to expand from its local market to win business in neighbouring European countries, and as far afield as India and Russia. Just four months after launch, half of the company’s growth was being generated by its new cloud services.

In a video and article released today by OnApp, Shift To The Cloud’s technical operations manager, Stein Van Stichel, and sales manager Marijn Willems, talk about the shift in the market from traditional hosting services to the cloud, and how OnApp software enables them to offer enterprise-class services at midmarket prices.

“We are a local player, but OnApp gives our customers the same features they would expect from a global provider. That’s one reason we’re seeing growth from customers outside of our home territory,” says Stein Van Stichel.

“Adding CDN services is going to be another important part of that growth,” he says. “Through OnApp’s global CDN network, we can give our customers access to a huge range of locations at very low cost...with OnApp, we’re growing fast, and gaining market share, and that’s the real proof of its success.”

For Marijn Willems, cloud is the clear future of hosting. “Shared hosting that is just based on a physical node, I think that will disappear,” he says. “OnApp enables us to offer an enterprise product at a midmarket price.”