ShoreTel Announces the Success of its 0% Finance Incentive

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ShoreTel has announced the success of its 0% finance incentive. The ShoreTel Financial Services portfolio, offered in partnership with CHG-Meridian, a provider of financing solutions and services in the field of information and communications technology, is designed to help UK businesses take advantage of the productivity and efficiency gains of the latest UC capabilities.

Over the past year, ShoreTel Financial Services has seen a successful uptake of the 0% finance incentive programme which has helped customers overcome short-term cash flow or budgetary concerns. Solar Communications is the latest ShoreTel reseller partner to provide the 0% finance incentive offer to customers across the UK.

“We are excited to offer a zero percent finance incentive as part of the ShoreTel Financial Services portfolio. This programme is a one of a kind, since it offers a very flexible payment option, and lets customers maximise their budgets,” said Paul Ley-Pollard, ShoreTel Finance Programme manager at CHG-Meridian Capital Ltd.

“The zero percent financing program is a real differentiator in the UK marketplace and therefore offers an excellent unique advantage to our customers. We have seen very positive response to this incentive which has also had a great impact on our margins,” commented Mark Colquhoun, CEO, Solar Communications.

“ShoreTel sees its Financial Services offer as a vital component in proving the value of ShoreTel’s financial model to end users and supporting the company’s growth. We are pleased with the success partners such as Solar Communications have had so far with the zero percent finance incentive offer. By working with our reseller partners, our end customers receive a technology upgrade that is easy, effective, secure and above all tailored to their specific needs,” said John Howard, ShoreTel managing director, EMEA.