Siemens Market Leadership in Enterprise Telephony

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Siemens Communications has received the Frost & Sullivan "Market Lea¬dership Award 2006" in the category of Enterprise Telephony in Europe. According to Frost & Sullivan this success is due to steady and strong growth throughout all European countries as well as the ex¬pansion of market share in vertical markets such as health care and hospitality.

Frost & Sullivan came to their decision on the basis of some 19.5 million IP terminals sold in Europe in 2005. In this segment Siemens Communications accounted for a market share of close to 16 percent – making it the number 1 in Europe. A key con¬tributory factor was a strong third quarter in 2005.

Frost & Sullivan were particularly keen to emphasise the strong growth shown by Sie¬mens Communications in the medium to large enterprise segment. The company in¬tends to add to this success in the small enterprise segment with its HiPath 2000 pro¬duct portfolio.

“This is strong recognition of Siemens Communications’ commitment to delivering enterprise communications solutions which take account of future, as well as current, requirements,” explains Tim Bishop, Head of Strategy at Siemens Communications. “We work closely with customers to ensure they realise the benefits that can be achieved in an IP environment, but in a timeframe that is right for each individual organisation. Open-standards are at the heart of our portfolio, ensuring that the life of existing systems is maximised – a key consideration for enterprise customers.”

When giving their reasons for awarding the prize, the analysts at Frost & Sullivan re¬ferred to the resolute focus of Siemens Communications on the evolution from TDM to IP/LAN-based telephony solutions. Its close partnership with its customers was instru¬mental in helping to recognize and implement this transformation at an early stage. As a result, more than 85 percent of the terminals sold in Europe today are IP-capable. Frost & Sullivan specifically mentioned HiPath 3000, 4000 and 5000 in this trend.

At the same time, Siemens Communications has put into effect a marketing strategy to replace customers' TDM access with lines that are VoIP-capable. With this support, Siemens Communications say they are helping customers to lower infrastructure costs and migrate to the next generation of communication solutions.