Siemens Take VoIP to the Next Level

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Siemens Enterprise Communications has introduced its new HiPath 8000 Real-Time IP System V3.0. The new system integrates with the enterprise IT fabric and applications to help transform how businesses communicate and even how they operate.

This major HiPath 8000 software release delivers a wide range of new features that offer far more user and network capabilities, plus improved application interworking, security and overall system manageability. These features can help enterprises drive greater productivity as well as collaboration and responsiveness among their employees while gaining a proven, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and more rapid return on investment (ROI). One independent study showed the HiPath 8000’s centralised operation model achieved a 15 to 25 percent lower TCO than the distributed IP-PBXs used in the study.

As the industry’s only native-SIP softswitch, the HiPath 8000 system offers massive scalability from 300 users up to 100,000 users per system and virtually unlimited numbers in a network. Its carrier-grade reliability, resiliency and recovery provides 24/7 business performance. Designed to operate centrally out of IT data centres, it eliminates the complexity and costs of managing distributed TDM- or IP-based PBXs. At the same time, its open SIP, SIP-Q, SOA and Web Services interfaces allow easy interworking with both SIP application servers and end-devices as well as business process integration and workflows. Data centre integration fits perfectly into the IT world, where data-centre consolidation routinely saves up to 40% compared to traditional architectures.

Feature highlights of the new HiPath 8000 V3.0 include:

Users: Enhanced feature interworking with Siemens’ stylish, award-winning OpenStage family of SIP-phones that feature an innovative user interface, Bluetooth wireless interface, mobile handoff, and easy data synchronization with mobile phones.

Networking: ENUM support, to enable interworking across both private and public IP network domains and Local Number Portability for service providers; enhanced SIP-Q, to improve interworking between HiPath 8000 systems.

Applications: Enhanced Applications interfaces to support the award-winning OpenScape Unified Communications and Presence system, new applications in the OpenStage devices, Siemens’ just-launched MobileConnect application, advanced HiPath ProCentre call-centre functionality, OEM applications and much more.

System: Multi-byte encoding for Mideast and Asian languages; dynamic licensing; software developer kits for Web Services Description Language (WSDL).

Security: Payload encryption; Transport Layer Security (TLS), a successor to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security, for greater server-to-server and server-to-application security.

Administration: And all supported by a highly professional and integrated Management and Operations system, offering smooth and efficient handling of systems operations across the whole size range.

“What drives our development of the HiPath 8000 platform is a standards-based, open communications model that we believe provides richer experiences for users, greater effectiveness among those users, and lower costs and higher returns for our customers,” said Thomas Zimmermann, Chief Operating Officer, Siemens Enterprise Communications. “And by helping IT make communications part of its enterprise services suite, we think we’re fundamentally transforming how business gets done, accelerating its processes and improving decision-making.”