Silver Peak earns Miercom Performance Verification on VoIP tests

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Silver Peak today announced that the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform has earned the Miercom Performance Verification certification following a series of punishing real-world Voice over IP (VoIP) test scenarios. The EdgeConnect platform successfully maintained high-quality VoIP performance over consumer-grade broadband links as increasing levels of packet loss and network congestion were introduced across single and bonded dual link configurations.

As enterprises increasingly leverage the internet to connect users to cloud applications, they face a trade-off in their ability to deliver reliable high-quality voice over broadband. Basic SD-WAN offerings force compromise as they require higher cost transport services such as MPLS or Direct Internet Access (DIA) to deliver an acceptable user experience. This ultimately holds enterprises back from realising the transformational promise of SD-WAN and the Cloud. The Miercom test validates the clear differentiation of Silver Peak EdgeConnect as the only SD-WAN edge platform to deliver toll-quality voice over consumer broadband under real-world network conditions, ensuring the highest quality of experience (QoEx) for end users and IT.

“Silver Peak is once again placing the industry on notice following last year’s grueling network Torture Test, challenging any vendor to submit their product to the same MOS test scenarios for VoIP performance over consumer-grade broadband,” said Derek Granath, vice president of product marketing at Silver Peak. “Only EdgeConnect consistently delivers the highest QoEx for VoIP over broadband, maintaining a MOS of greater than 3.0 even under severely impaired WAN conditions."