Simple but Loud

1 min read Networks & Network Services
This Festival Season, leave your Smartphone at home with its high drainage features and take a Simple Loud Mobile instead!

The battery on the amplicomms M6300 will last around 7 days, with a ring tone that will match the Rolling Stones, at 90dB’s and powerful vibrate, you won’t miss any calls. You’ll also be able to hear your mates when they call with details of the best beer tent, as the volume booster button will increase the call much louder than a Smartphone.

In case of that probable emergency, lost tent, beer draught or the cars stuck in the mud, the M6300 comes with an SOS button to call 5 selected nearest and dearest until the call is answered.

The M6300 is an amplified phone designed for people with hearing loss, but for simple phone calls, text messaging, Bluetooth connectivity and a long battery life this is the Smartest Phone you’ll need this Festival Season. For the rest of the year your Gran can use the phone!