Skype Voicemails Directly to Your Email with VoxSciences

1 min read
Voxsciences, the voice recognition technology solutions company offering Voice-to-Text services to both B2B and B2C audiences, invite Skype users to receive their voicemails directly to their email.

“Listening to voicemails is time consuming and fiddly. With more and more professional and leisure users relying on Skype as a primary means of communication for both business and pleasure, this problem is exasperated.

We at VoxSciences believe we provide the voicemail solution by allowing Skype users to have their voicemails transcribed and sent directly to their email address of choice” said Ken Blackman, co-founder and CEO, Voxsciences.

Using third party voicemail solutions with your Skype account is not new; however there have been many reports of the unreliability of these services meaning that accessing your voicemails becomes even more complex.

VoxSciences provides an easy way to access these voicemails by transcribing and sending the message directly to your chosen email and, also attaching the original mp3 file so that should the transcription be uncertain you can easily listen to it directly.