Smart IT the best way to motivate workers

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A survey of over a thousand office workers carried out by 360°IT, an IT infrastructure event, has found that over half of people think that smart IT is having secure access to the things they need when they need them, 31% think it is technology that lets them collaborate with customers and partners and just 18% think it is the latest smart device like a shiny new smart phone or laptop.

When asked what is more important to help you do your job better, 35% said a new desk top, 57% a laptop, 21% wanted a smartphone and 1% an iPad. However, 61% said that they would be incentivised by being given a smartphone or new PC.

Denise Plumpton, non- executive director for 360°IT, said: “It’s clear from the survey that smart IT means many different things to different people and this is probably related to the way they use their IT and whether it’s for work or pleasure. Most interesting is that only a small proportion thinks that a new smart device counts as Smart IT whereas a significant majority would feel incentivised by being given one. A visit to the 360°IT event will explore these findings further in discussion forum and through the exhibition.”

One in ten workers said that they are not given the right IT tools to make their jobs run smoothly, while the majority of workers were happy with their IT.

When asked what their customers thought about their organisations IT, 14% said their customers viewed their IT negatively due to poor IT infrastructure compared to 86% who thought customers had a positive attitude to their organisations IT.

One in ten said that their IT at work made their job harder and less productive compared to the majority how said that IT made their jobs easier.

When asked what technology they would prefer to have at work 72% wanted smooth running IT infrastructure that works, 31% wanted technology that enabled them to collaborate and 9% wanted the latest IT Gizmo that makes the right impression to their peers.

Natalie Booth, event director for 360°IT, commented: “Many office workers are frustrated by a lack of access to technology as 44% said they broke office rules to access technology that was not provided by their company. The most common infringement was sending files to their home PC via FTP, personal email, or Web sites (27%) followed by 26% using USB sticks to do the same thing which might go towards explaining why new laptops and smart phones are such a good incentive. A few used their own lap top (10%) or smart phone (4%) to get access to applications at work and 11% used applications on websites.”