SME Market is Wide Open say Shoretel

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Geoff Gudgion, MD EMEA at Shoretel told Comms Business Magazine that he sees the SME market as being wide open for a manufacturer who can address this market segment with a working, affordable IP telephony solution.

“At ShoreTel we're seeing most 'traction' with companies with several small sites or a network of offices. The IP Telephony market is growing fast and we're growing at more than double the market rate, with most of the growth coming from the SME sector. That's due to a simple, distributed architecture so you don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to reap the benefits of IPT.

Soon there will be more IP lines shipped than TDM, and within 10 years traditional technologies will be a curiosity. I expect the IPT market to continue to grow rapidly in Europe for perhaps the next 6 to 8 years before entering a more mature phase. Globally ShoreTel is achieving phenomenal growth, purely from IPT because that's all we do.

They are two significant application areas - mobile or remote workers and desktop integration. Best of all, desktop integration for remote workers! The 'wow' factor with customers tends to come when they see Outlook integration and presence information available to people outside the office, along with traditional PBX functionality such as conference, transfer and forward."