SME VoIP Perspectives

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Ian Godfrey, Director of distributor ProVu, says his company has five years experience of the VoIP market place and are distributors for key vendors such as snom, Linksys and Siemens. Godfrey also believes SME VoIP market is about to really take off.

“We believe that cost benefits are one key factor, but just as important is the enabling of new business models. There are barriers to entry however and I see that vendors are too IP centric, i.e. the SME doesn’t care about IP, what he wants is an effective voice solution for the SME operation, yet vendors love to talk about IPBX boxes and this often is a complete turn off. What is needed is a complete solution by the vendor, not the “Here is a box of bits, you put it together,“ approach.

The way forward for SMEs, according to Godfrey, is to provide a telephony solution that fits their business needs, a solution that is a complete tested and proven package and a solution that has open standards giving them future flexibility to upsize, upgrade and benefit without being held to legacy ransom.

“But it must offer all the above with a solution that sets quality and reliability standards that are above their current telephony systems.”