Snom unveils D8xx series

Snom has launched a new range of IP business phones that offer HD audio quality, with some models providing super wideband audio.

The D8xx series includes large, swivelling IPS displays and anti-bacterial plastic casing. The range includes Linux and Android-based devices, as well as some models featuring detachable cameras.

Florent Aubert, head of product management at Snom, explained, “We didn’t just want to develop any kind of upgrade. After more than 20 years of experience in this field, it was time to fully rethink the desk phone and its functionality. Even adapting the audio quality required a lot of thinking. But it was worth it.”

The launch follows a firmware update Snom made to its IP phones in May, which allows users to remotely control intelligent sockets, radiator switches, humidity, window and door sensors and lighting by feeding XML applications directly via IP phones.

The first devices in the Snom 8xx series will be available from December 2021.