Soonr brings mobile cloud computing to the iPhone

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Soonr, an innovator in mobile cloud services, has announced the launch of the world’s first iPhone application that uses the power of cloud computing to keep business people in touch with their documents anywhere they go. A free version is available starting today from the Apple App Store with expanded versions offered through leading mobile operators and SaaS providers.

Just as today’s mobile phones let you send and receive emails while on the go, Soonr now makes the documents on the Mac or PC completely mobile. Whenever the user’s computer is online, Soonr automatically and instantly backs up files in the user’s personal cloud, making them always available. iPhone users get a crisp, clear view of all their documents, whether they are Word, Excel, PowerPoint or virtually any other file type, along with the ability to collaborate and share, and even print to a remote printer right from their iPhones.

Unlike other applications with limited functionality that require the user to remember to upload files every time you change them, Soonr automatically maintains the latest versions of all your key documents in the cloud. Soonr’s powerful rendering software works across a wide range of document formats, so mobile workers don’t have to download specific programs to view their documents as required by other applications.