South West Communications Group launches cloud security solutions to protect business customers

1 min read
Internet access and date centre services specialists South West Communications Group has launched a range of cloud security solutions to protect small and medium businesses from spam, email viruses and other web-based threats.

As providers of business class broadband, data backup and server hosting solutions, South West Communications Group’s data centre and connectivity experts are ideally placed to offer advice on protection against the threats that can be attached to or embedded in an email or behind the seemingly innocent facade of a website.

John Holdstock, South West Communications Group’s director of ICT, said: “One in every 317 emails contains a virus and over 2,000 new websites containing viruses are created every day which have the ability to not only destroy a business’s network in an instant, but also to infect the recipient’s PC and those of everyone in their address books’.”

South West Communications Group has joined forces with leading cloud security software manufacturer Symantec to offer crucial virus protection as well as anti-spam and web control solutions to ensure businesses do not suffer from reduced productivity caused by employees dealing with a constant stream of spam emails or by accessing social networks or other non business websites in work time.

Mr Holdstock added: “While most businesses are happy for their employees to be convivial, they do not appreciate social media exchanges being made at the expense of productivity. Web browsing and checking personal emails or dealing with endless spam detract from the tasks that staff should be undertaking.”