Spitfire Herald PureStream as Cost Effective Leased Line Replacement

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Spitfire, the leading ISP and Internet telephony service provider, has launched PureStream SDSL for customers requiring high bandwidth SDSL, coupled with 100 percent resilience

PureStream™ SDSL combines a 2Mb uncontended LLUStream SDSL (including market leading service level guarantees), with a 2Mb uncontended SDSL(M) as a backup circuit – all for a fraction of the price of a 2Mb leased line. This offers outstanding resilience combined with network redundancy as the circuits are provided over different network infrastructure and routing.

IP configuration is the same on each circuit, allowing users to transfer between the circuits when required. Not only will the office regain Internet access but remote workers and sites are able to reconnect without any further reconfiguration, so there is almost no degradation in network performance.

SDSL is distinguished from the more usual ADSL by providing the equivalent bandwidth for both upstream and downstream traffic to and from the ISP with guaranteed quality. This gives fast upload speeds of up to 2Mb, four times faster than standard ADSL Max (448Kb).

Spitfire has the widest range of SDSL products available on the market today. As Spitfire is a dedicated business ISP there is clear understanding of the key Internet requirements for all types of businesses. SDSL is ideal for customers that want to link sites, homeworkers or who need to upload large amounts of data, for example to a FTP site, or for backup purposes.

Commenting on the launch of Spitfire’s PureStream SDSL service, Tom Fellowes, Sales Director says, “Businesses are now waking up to the fact that their broadband connection is a mission critical part of their operations and network redundancy is now essential and not a luxury. PureStream SDSL provides this at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated leased line, providing effective business communications and peace of mind!”