Spitfire offers Barracuda to Eat Spam

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London based telecoms supplier Spitfire is now offering its customers spam filtering using appliances from Barracuda Networks. The appliances provided by Barracuda are updated every hour with the latest data on spam outbreaks, making them the industry standard for effective spam filtering.

During October 2008 Spitfire’s servers processed over 18 million e-mail messages and marked nearly 17 million as spam – a frightening 95 percent spam rate! The American research company Ferris Research estimates that worldwide spam costs businesses $50 billion a year.

Barracuda spam filtering appliances process e-mail through 12 active defence layers and analyse the content and headers of the messages to determine what is likely to be spam. The service then marks suspect messages and the user decides how they want them to be handled.

Customers with a domain name and e-mail account provided by Spitfire can now use the spam filtering service for £5 per month for unlimited mailboxes for companies with their own mail server running SMTP mail. Alternatively a 50p monthly charge per mailbox is available for those using POP3 e-mail and can be activated within a day.

For Spitfire, Tom Fellowes, Sales Director said, “Not only is spam a time wasting nuisance for our customers, it is also a menace. Many spam e-mails are now very sophisticated intrusions for phishing, scams, hacking and other illegal activates. Eliminating these at source means customers do not have to rely on their staff to spot dangerous spam, making the service very cost-effective.”