SpliceCom Continue To Expand Their Desktop Portfolio

1 min read Networks & Network Services
SpliceCom has announced the immediate availability of a new display phone - PCS 520.

The company says PCS 520 has been developed to deliver cost effective display phone functionality for those wanting a hard working business telephone, but who don’t need the extended functionality delivered by SpliceCom’s new PCS 560 & PCS 570 IP Phones.

They add that the phone is extremely easy to use thanks to its clear display, internal directory and ten pre- programmed keys for the most commonly used business telephony functions, the PCS 520 also supports desktop paging and intercom. A dual purpose LED indicator identifies when the PCS 520 is in Do Not Disturb mode or when a new voicemail has been received, whilst integrated navigation keys assist with voicemail playback and management. The PCS 520’s three-line display shows the caller’s number & name (if known) along with status information for Message Waiting, Do Not Disturb & Paging.

SpliceCom believes the PCS 520 is the ideal choice for those companies looking for a cost-effective business phone to complement the enhanced features and facilities delivered by SpliceCom’s range of IP phones. Offering hands free desktop operation and an integral headset port, the PCS 520 is the answer to the large number of companies who require an attractively priced well-featured business telephone. Unusually for a display/handsfree phone the PCS 520 requires no additional external power source.

“In every organisation there are those who need the advanced features and facilities provided by top of the range IP phones. However, there are also those who won’t make use of all the value added facilities and simply a cost effective, well-featured business telephone,” says SpliceCom’s Director of Marketing & Product Management, Robin Hayman. “These employees want to make phones calls, see who’s calling when they receive them, park and transfer calls, get notified when they have a new voicemail message and be able to easily forward their phone calls when they’re out of the office. Following hard on the heels of our launch of two new advanced IP phones, PCS 560 & PCS 570, in situations where “bread & butter” telephony requirements need to be addressed, SpliceCom’s PCS 520 is the ideal choice,” concludes Hayman.

SpliceCom’s PCS 520 Display Phone is available immediately.