Stake Your Claim urges Griffin

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Speaking to Comms Business Magazine and commenting on the possibility of SIP trunks replacing ISDN, Andrew Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director, Griffin Internet says, “SIP is a signalling protocol widely used for VoIP

It enables telephone calls to be established and cleared down over a broadband circuit and ‘SIP trunks’ within the service provider’s network allow calls to exit an IP network and terminate on a traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Many people see SIP as becoming the future standard for voice but at the moment 99%+ of all voice calls still go to and from an enterprises’ site via a traditional exchange line and ISDN.

By the end of this decade it is likely that all public networks will be IP based right down to the circuit going into the customer’s premises and when this happens all voice will be carried as IP packets mixed with everything else. The advice we give our resellers is not to worry too much about the rate of take up of VOIP and concentrate on getting all of their customers on their own supplied and managed broadband circuit.

In the days of the Wild, Wild, West it was the companies that owned the railroad tracks that were the big winners and today, in the time of a different WWW, things are no different. Griffin is the broadband supplier of choice for business-grade voice and yet in busy hour only around 8% of our circuits has established SIP sessions. We have seen 1000% growth in take-up of our White Label Managed Broadband products in the last 12 months. If all traffic will ultimately go to the ISP then our partners want to be that ISP.”