Standing out from the Crowd

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GN Netcom has successfully deployed its GN 9350 wireless headsets at the Canary Wharf and Brighton travel centres of leading independent travel agency, Trailfinders. The headsets, which can be used with VoIP and a conventional telephone, are giving consultants the freedom and flexibility to walk around the travel centres, even when on a call. Moreover, the headsets look great and help maintain the modern, professional and cool style of all Trailfinders offices.

Trailfinders specialise in providing customers with tailormade holidays and unlike other travel agencies, does not have an Internet-booking capability because they believe that it is only through talking to customers directly that they can provide them with the best possible service. This means that nearly 90 per cent of Trailfinders’ business is handled on the telephone, with consultants spending up to seven hours per day on the phone, making headsets an essential business tool;

“Our employees spend up to 30 hours per week on the phone, which simply would not be possible without headsets,” explained Lisa Warner, Trailfinders. “Until recently we used corded headsets but soon realised the additional benefits that wireless headsets bring. Our consultants love them and they improve the service we offer to clients as consultants can continue a conversation whilst fetching additional information or brochures - they simply walk and talk.”

The GN9350 is one of the most stylish headsets available on the market. It weighs just 26 grams, making it one of the smallest and lightest headsets in its class. Its ergonomic design means that users hardly notice that they are wearing it. Furthermore, the Digital Signal Processing technology ensures superior sound clarity by purifying the incoming signal, enriching the sound quality. The noise canceling microphone guarantees clear voice transmission, even in noisy environments. The Intellitone ensures a safe consistent volume through the call. The headsets were installed by GN Netcom and purchased from Brittanic Telecoms, specialists in IP communications, systems integration and applications development.

“Trailfinders has been voted a CoolBrand Leader for the last two years and the GN9350 accurately reflects this as it is cool, funky and functional,” commented Jan McNair, Managing Director, UK, GN Netcom. “The headset is easy to use and can be worn in several different styles, making it ideal for a busy office. Trailfinders can also rest assured that consultants will not be exposed to loud noises, which could have implications on their hearing, as the GN 9350 is the only wireless headset in compliance with the Noise at Work Legislation.”

Looking to the future, Trailfinders plan to roll out the headsets to new travel centres scheduled to open this year across the country. The company also introduced a VoIP system before Christmas. Thankfully the GN 9350 offers full convergence between conventional office telephony and IP telephony, which will allow Trailfinders’ travel consultants to seamlessly switch between the phone and PC.