STL Standing Room Only

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It's never really been difficult for STL to attract prospective customers to IP Technology briefings, especially when they are held at Honda Racing F1. Last month’s event had fifty attendees with a further twenty-one deferred to this month's briefing.

Simon Ryan, Business Development Manager for STL commented, 'We have seen a five fold increase in the number of delegates in just the last eighteen months. When we started inviting people to the briefings in 2005 we enjoyed a response rate of 4% and that figure is now 20%. This increase reflects the fact that businesses are becoming more aware of IP telephony and they want to know how it will improve their business processes and save them money. For this event we had to evaluate the prospects before confirming their attendance, a sort of filtering if you like'.

Honda Racing F1 use Avaya Communications Manager supplied and supported by STL in Brackley, Northants and also at Grand Prix throughout the world. IP is the basis of the solution and it is critical for team communications.

Simon Ryan went on to say, 'the Technology Briefings used to be about lead generation, but this time we had prospective customers signing up for our IPeasy service on the day. IPeasy from STL is a simplification of IP telephony sold on a 'per-seat' basis, which includes all hardware, licenses, IP access installation, training and maintenance for the three year agreement period. The customer signs a simple rental agreement for the number of seats required and additional users can be added when they are required'.

Michael Bailey of Brian James comments; ‘IP Easy from STL is the perfect solution for Brian James Furnishings in that it allows us to invest in IP Telephony in a way that is both scaleable and straightforward with monthly payments on a per-seat basis’.

Martyn Mathias, Consultant for Finesse comments; ‘The business case for Brian James Furnishings investing in IP Easy was compelling because benefits such as location independence and flexible working are underwritten by the considerable cost savings over the three year period of the agreement’.

Brendon Cross MD of STL comments; ‘IP Easy is the result of 12 months of development in association with hardware vendors, bandwidth providers, IP carriers and our finance providers, the culmination of which is an alternative to hosted IP Telephony that has full functionality and that can retain some existing lines alongside IP lines. Significant initial sales have justified our considerable investment in IP Easy’.