Strategic Imperative Notch up One Million

1 min read
Strategic Imperatives, the managed service andWLR3 provider has announced that it has achieved a major industry milestone by provisioning its one millionth Wholesale Line Rental 3 (WLR3) line, reinforcing the scale and robustness of its Evo21 WLR provisioning platform.

The one millionth line was provisioned by WebLoop, a telecom start-up that is rolling out a national telecom proposition. “Strategic Imperatives WLR3 system is at the heart of our organisation and we have been extremely impressed with its functionality, resilience and reliability as well as the passionate support that we have received” commented Erdem Yasar, Managing Director at WebLoop.

Rob Lee, Head of Openreach Marketing commented “I am delighted that Strategic Imperatives have achieved this milestone, the transition from WLR2 to WLR3 is a critical initiative for all our customers and Strategic Imperatives have been a key enabler in making this happen.”

This latest development comes alongside another important milestone for Strategic Imperatives; the signing up of its 150th WLR3 communication provider, making its WLR3 platform the most widely used in the industry. Strategic Imperatives already enables many of the UK’s leading communications providers to integrate with Openreach and BT Wholesale platforms and is the only solution provider to have successfully delivered integration solutions for LLU, WBC, WLR3 and NGA enabling over 10 million transactions on these services.

“We are very proud that Strategic Imperatives continues to lead the way in term of solution uptake, quality, order volume and the lowest error rate in the industry” commented Leigh Wilson, Head of Client Engagement at Strategic Imperatives. “Our plan is to transition 3.5 million lines by Q1 2011 and all our resources are deployed to ensure that our customers’ experience continues to be positive and smooth during this critical period.”

Strategic Imperatives’ Evo21 Platform enables communication providers to rapidly take advantage of the interfaces offered by Openreach and BT Wholesale for WLR3, LLU, NGA and WBC, streamlining customer acquisition and fault tracking through intelligent automation.