Strategic Imperatives integrates Elevate app with Zapier 

1 min read Financial Services
Strategic Imperatives has integrated its SaaS billing platform, Elevate, with iPaaS provider, Zapier. This offers Elevate customers immediate code-free integration with over 2,000 business applications and productivity tools including: Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, ConnectWise, Trello, Docusign, SugarCRM, Sage and Xero.

This integration looks to remove the need for lengthy, costly and complex integrations that requires specialist knowledge and/or software development resources. Service providers can use the Elevate Zapier app to create automated tasks without any custom development to trigger tasks or automations between Elevate and other business applications.

Dilaksha Attanayake, head of strategic products, Strategic Imperatives, explained, “The integration between Elevate and Zapier opens the door to rapid automation for our customers. By connecting Elevate with their business applications without the need for development resources or code, we are enabling them to easily create seamless workflows across applications, improving efficiency and reducing manual intervention.”

Strategic Imperatives explained that use cases for the Elevate Zapier app include automatically adding a customer from an CRM system into Elevate automatically, as well as attaching invoices to the relevant customer profile within the existing CRM system. Users can also use this integration to send an SMS to a customer when they exceed 80 per cent of their data allowance or reach their agreed spending cap.

Attanayake added, “We are delighted that we can now offer forward-thinking service providers unrivalled consolidation between their business tools, so they can dedicate more energy to harnessing new commercial opportunities and accelerating their digital transformation.”