Stream Networks Launches DDoS Scrubbing

1 min read Cybersecurity
Stream Networks have added DDoS scrubbing to their portfolio of Ethernet and Security services.

Using peering partners, they have introduced the Stream Networks scrubbing centre where traffic is meticulously analysed to identify malicious traffic which is immediately removed with “clean” traffic being passed on for delivery.

Carl Dobner, Chief Technical Officer of Stream Networks commented “I am delighted we have successfully added DDoS scrubbing to our matrix of services. We can ensure that our connections have attacks of up to 1Tbps filtered through our ready to use solution that keeps connections online at all times, without any threat of a black hole.

Dobner continued “our scrubbing centre can handle a range of attacks which ensures that in an ever growing Cyber Attack world, hackers will not be able to put services down.”

Stream Sales Director Stuart Burdett added “commercially speaking, showing our partners our commitment to Network Security adds great prestige to our services and reassures them that their Cyber Security is our utmost priority.”