SureVoIP Focuses on Integrations

1 min read Telephony
SureVoIP has enhanced its software offering with a strong focus on integration with other systems, analytics and improving operational efficiencies. The business recently announced it had achieved the integration with Signalling System No.7 (SS7) telephony following an intensive 18-month process and at a cost of more than £100,000. SS7 is an Ofcom-regulated way of physically connecting to BT’s own network, rather than over the internet.

The Aberdeen-based company, which is a network operator with its own equipment in Edinburgh and London, is the first Scottish-owned and headquartered internet telephony service provider (ITSP) to achieve this standard.

Gavin Henry, managing director at SureVoIP, said: “It’s been an extremely positive period for the business and we are experiencing increased demand from companies that recognise the benefits of switching to VoIP-based telecoms as opposed to traditional landlines.

“Our focus on uptime and providing stability for clients’ business-critical communications has strengthened SureVoIP’s reputation, while the commitment to invest in the right technology has further improved the overall slickness of our operations and service offering.”

The Aberdeen-based company is continuing to expand into new market sectors including finance, travel, hospitality, and renewables with a growing and increasingly diverse customer base across the UK and internationally.

SureVoIP has also completed the lengthy BT Openreach WLR3 (Wholesale Line Rental 3) set-up phase which enables full access to the entire suite of BT Openreach products and services.

This closer relationship provides SureVoIP with direct links to the lowest level of the UK’s network infrastructure; bringing unique troubleshooting ability, early market insight and putting SureVoIP on the same tier as other market leaders.

Gavin added: “This new direct relationship with BT Openreach gives us even greater credibility in the marketplace and opens new avenues for us to extend our reach nationally and beyond.

“It also ties in with our strong focus on process optimisation and commitment to automation through removing all manual processes which, in turn, can bring serious benefits to both our clients and partners as we no longer rely on a third party to access these services.”