Swan Solutions Launch Callview Version 4

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Callview Version 4 adds significant functionality to a product that has been progressively developed since its introduction in 1996 and is now deployed in more than 6000 call centre applications across Europe and North America. In the UK, Callview holds a significant share of the below 50-seat call centre market.

Bart Delgado, Managing Director of Swan Solutions commented on this success, “One of the keys to this success story has been the consistent way in which Callview has been developed to meet and often anticipate, the needs of the modern business. With the introduction of Callview Version 4, Swan Solutions is taking Callview even further by offering an evolved solution to business management.

New features include Back2Agent routing, which provides a solution to callers frustrated by having to speak with a different agent each time they call. Callview Version 4 provides new intelligent routing capabilities for calls and e-mails, enabling users to automatically route calls and e-mails, from identified parties, back to the last agent or extension the person was in contact with. We believe this feature will dramatically improve call handling times and enhance customer service.”

Delgado adds, “To achieve this functionality with most other applications there is normally a complex link to a back-office database. However with Version 4 the application is integrated, as the Callview Gateway deploys a learning process that creates its own call routing table dynamically for the user.”

Conscious of the ever present need for businesses to use technology to gain competitive advantage and at the same time control costs, Version 4 now includes a new entry level desktop CTI application, in the form of Callview Client Go. Despite its entry level description Callview Client Go includes user features such as call redirection and retrieval as well as access to the last 100 call history items.

The introduction in Callview Version 4 of internal call modelling enables the monitoring of all calls whether internal or external, including those made between nodes across networked telephone systems. This means that users can apply Callview’s advanced reporting and navigation capabilities to calls generated internally as well as externally, enabling users to effectively manage their call traffic regardless of its origin.

Bart Delgado sees many applications for this development: “We have always been able to track and report upon calls received in to a call centre ‘from cradle to grave’, charting the initial call answer and any onward transfers through to the completion of the call. With internal call modelling however users can now have that same functionality for calls originating from within their own organisation. This is particularly useful in applications where organisations have an internal help desk function that supports staff for say user IT support issues and needs to demonstrably meet service targets for their users.”

Swan Solutions introduced media blending in version 3.1 and with the increasing trend towards multi-media messaging Callview Version 4 now takes media blending a step further. Users can now apply the advanced reporting capabilities of Callview Wizard ACD and Desktop Wallboard to monitor e-mails that have been media blended, alongside normal telephone calls - both historically and in real-time - giving users a complete picture of their call and e-mail activity.

The Callview Multi-Media Gateway now provides enhanced media blending capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly integrate different forms of media, for example, calls, e-mails, faxes, etc into their business.

Bart Delgado, “Using the Multi-Media Gateway option, combined with the Callview Navigator, users can queue and evenly distribute various media types between agents, based on staff workload, skill-set, time, or service levels etc, ensuring optimum efficiency of staff and minimum wait times for customers. We believe that Callview media blending provides an evolutionary step forward and has many applications for users including the routing of e-mails as well as calls to available agents, sending automatic responses as messages arrive which will show real-time statistics, for example, average wait times. Additionally the Multi-Media Gateway enables users to block inappropriate e-mails or replies, automatically assign lost calls to agents for quick callback and is capable of routing other forms of media in the same way using third party software.”

Many more new features are added in Version 4 including advanced DND status reporting allowing users to produce concise reports and statistics on the DND status of their colleagues.

Bart Delgado, concludes, “All of these new and enhanced features are designed to achieve greater efficiency and productivity for users. The great news for existing users of any Callview system is that Swan Solutions will be making upgrades to Version 4 available at very advantageous rates.”