swcomms supports Exeter College rugby team in Japan tournament bid

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South West Communications Group will support students from Exeter College and Exeter Chiefs Rugby Academy at Exeter College by being the official kit sponsor for their upcoming tournament in Japan.

Students from Exeter College will be once again setting off to Japan for the tournament that will be held from April 28, 2019. The Sanix World U18 Rugby Tournament is an invitational tournament and often called the pinnacle of schoolboy rugby.

This is the second consecutive year students from Exeter College have been invited to take part in the tournament and an enormous honour for the college. During their time in the tournament the team are likely to face students from schools in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, France, Wales, South Africa and Japan.

The opening ceremony will be held in the main arena and involve all the teams being presented to the dignitaries and crowd. The tournament takes place during the period called ‘Blossom Week’ which is a traditional holiday week and therefore the Global Arena will be very busy every day with many visitors coming just to watch the international teams play rugby.

The team will play a total of six games over the eight-day period. The schedule includes a two-day playing period followed by a day of cultural activity to give the students time to explore the area. This will include a visit to visit to the site and museum of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb.

Students will also have time to watch some of the other games and to interact with local children by playing games of touch rugby.

Brian Lodge, swcomms’ managing director, said: “This is the second year in a row we have support the Exeter College players at the prestigious Sanix tournament. We closely followed their progress last year and wish them all the very best for this year’s competition.

“This a great opportunity for these young players, as many Exeter Chiefs and England players have taken part in this tournament in the past. I have no doubt we are supporting stars of the future and players that will continue the great tradition of rugby in the South West.”