Swyx SIP Client Bundle for ISPs and System Integrators

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IP telephony solutions vendor Swyx has announced the release of a new addition to its SwyxWare range of pure software-based “business class” IP telephony products with the launch of SwyxIt! Now. The product is available to Swyx’s System Integrators and Service Provider partners so they can optimise the power of their networks with the addition of SIP-based peer-to-peer voice services.

Senior VP of Marketing at Swyx, Dave Smith, comments on the release, “SwyxIt! Now allows our partners to take advantage of the massive consumer/SOHO & small business market for VoIP by rapidly increasing their client base and offering new services to clients. A key advantage is that partners are able to customise the branding and connection capabilities of the product to help them both gain brand recognition and customer base for VOIP services whilst at the same time being able to customise the product to their service offering and users, enabling longer-term client retention, providing more value-add service offering and ultimately increasing their margins.”

SwyxIt Now is a standalone SIP-based VoIP telephony application that can be used by consumers and business users alike to improve their experience and familiarity with Internet Telephony. Based on the class-leading SwyxWare IP Telephony platform, SwyxIt! Now utilises SIP technology to offer users a highly-featured, standalone SIP client with business telephony features normally only found on telephone systems sold to high-end enterprises.

SwyxIt! Now delivers a strong, software-based alternative to users considering lower-quality consumer-based VoIP services or new peer-to-peer hardware-based solutions from traditional telephony vendors.

Smith continues, ‘Since Swyxit! Now is developed on the same product base as other members of the SwyxWare product family, it becomes a simple task for the partner or Service Provider to upsell additional Swyx services such as managed PBX, hosted PBX or SIP services to their clients. SwyxWare offers our partners a common infrastructure across its clients, PBX and hosted products and allows them to offer one software platform across all market segments for ubiquitous and common services that customers expect from an IP telephony services provider”.