Swyx Unveils New Product Portfolio

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IP PBX vendor Swyx has announced details of its latest additions to its SwyxWare range of telephony products

Swyx say the breadth of new products will enable them to target the whole gamut of IP telephony users from the consumer/SOHO through to large Enterprises and Service Providers. According to Swyx, it is the only vendor that is offering non-proprietary, ‘pure’ IP telephony solutions to all types of market across a single platform, including a new sub 10 user package for small business and a SIP/peer-to-peer software product targeted at consumers and very small businesses.

Commenting on the announcement of Swyx’s new product range, CEO Günter Junk said: “The approach of Swyx in 2006 and beyond is to offer the market a single, unique and ubiquitous platform for IP Telephony that will address all segments of the telephony market – from consumer, SOHO and small to medium sized businesses up to large enterprises and service provider deployments. SwyxWare offers a single common platform and feature set into each of these market segments, whilst offering customers future-proof protection because of the nature of a software product.

He continued, “SME and enterprise customers can be sure of a business-class, secure IP telephony solution that will scale across all parts of their business from a single individual installation up to a multi-site, multi-thousand user implementation. At the same time, Service Providers and System Integrators can offer Swyx products into their channels and end user communities in the knowledge that their whole customer base can be addressed with a single and uniform product offering.”

Swyx’s new products include:

SwyxWare Compact, a fully featured, “all-in-one” pure IP-PBX telephony solution targeted specifically at small businesses with up to 10 users.

Designed to operate on Windows XP Professional or Windows Server, SwyxWare Compact incorporates all of the major features of SwyxWare that a small business could need, including voicemail/email integration, Outlook/Lotus notes support with Click-to-Dial capability, CTI features, enhanced system call routing and call handling functionality (e.g. IVR, follow-me, helpdesk and programmable call-handling functions) call recording, remote working and SIP and ISDN trunking capabilities for connection to traditional telephony or VoIP providers.

SwyxConnect is a “full service” branch solution that enables a SwyxWare installation to be extended to smaller subsidiary or remote branch offices, making it possible to either replace the current branch telephony infrastructure with a SwyxWare IP PBX solution, or to carry on using an existing PBX telephone system or legacy handsets in conjunction with SwyxWare to gain the benefits of a Swyx IP telephony solution. SwyxConnect also offer full branch networking functions including routing, VPN, security/firewall and local voice switching capability with SIP Proxy support.

Jim Robertson, Commercial Director at Swyx distributor MTV Telecom told Comms Business Magazine, “This is exciting news for our resellers. Swyx has been making massive inroads into the pure IP market place and with the addition of the SwyxWare Compact and , SwyxWare Connect , they are now able to address all segments of the IP market. These additions to the existing portfolio will be ideal either as a stand alone platform or in a multi networked environment. It’s no wonder people are saying “this is the hot product for 2006”.

In addition to this Swyx will be releasing version 6.0 incorporating two new versions of SwyxWare, SwyxWare Essential and SwyxWare Professional. Since MTV telecom launched Swyx the uptake has been tremendous and with these new developments we expect to see SWYX increasing their market share even further.”

The other products being introduced by Swyx are:

SwyxIt! Now is a standalone SIP-based VoIP telephony application that can be used by consumers and business users alike to improve their experience and familiarity with Internet Telephony. Based on the class-leading SwyxWare IP Telephony platform, SwyxIt! Now uses SIP technology to offer users a highly-featured, standalone SIP client and peer-to-peer telephony solution, enabling business telephony features normally only found on telephone systems sold to high-end businesses. SwyxIt! Now will delive a strong, software-based alternative to users considering using lower-quality consumer-based VoIP services or new peer-to-peer hardware-based solutions from traditional telephony vendors. For Systems Integrators and Service Providers, it also boasts an easy-to-implement ‘skin design’ system to offer users company branded or personalised skin designs.

SwyxWare 6 is the successor of SwyxWare 5.01, and continues to focus both on the small-medium enterprise (SME) markets and larger Enterprise market segments for its market-leading SwyxWare range of products. New for Release 6.0 are two new versions of SwyxWare, SwyxWare Essential and SwyxWare Professional.

SwyxWare Essential is an entry-level product targeted at SME and Enterprise businesses who require only a standard SwyxWare IP PBX feature set, and is a scalable solution which will support from 5 concurrent users to many thousands of users based on SwyxWare’s unique Software licensing system. SwyxWare Professional is a full-service product that includes all of the key feature option packages as standard for all users, and will attract customers who prefer to opt for a uniform and full functionality feature set for their businesses.