Swyx: ‘VisualContacts’ to UC solution giving opportunity to integrate all contact information

1 min read
Swyx has extended its UC solution Swyxware with its new “VisualContacts” option. This brings together all stored contact information across a company within a single user interface. Whether CRM, ERP, SQL databases or individual customer systems based on Microsoft Access or Excel, users have immediate access to all relevant contact information from the various databases for incoming calls.

In addition, VisualContacts also allows users to quickly and easily search for relevant contacts via the SwyxWare interface, rather than having to open up separate applications.

Compact integration of all contacts in a single user interface

In many companies contact information is widely distributed across multiple applications. The role of VisualContacts is to integrate this information centrally into the core phone system. This results in instant access to customer data on incoming calls with the added facility of using the telephony client as a search engine for contacts to call. The key advantage of this compact integration means users have just one interface where they can get fast and efficient access to all contact information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers or other background details.

Rapid telephony integration for all applications

Users benefit from quick and easy installation of VisualContacts. Based on an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server, the contacts from the respective databases are queried and regularly synchronised. Therefore it is not necessary to create separate integrations for each application – resulting in a significant reduction of costs and development effort.

Integration with CRM, ERP systems and SQL databases

VisualContacts provides integration with well-known applications such as Microsoft Dynamics customer management and product management systems, any SQL-based applications, and customised database solutions based on Microsoft Excel and Access.