Tango and ASC enhance compliant mobile communications recording solutions

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Tango Networks and ASC are partnering to bring enhanced compliant mobile communications recording solutions to enterprises.

The joint solution leverages the strengths of both Tango Networks’ new Mobile-X service and ASC’s recording capabilities to enable partners to offer compliance solutions to their enterprise customers that capture, record, archive and analyse mobile communications.

Tango Networks recently unveiled Mobile-X, a service that creates a private mobile network for voice, messaging and data exclusively controlled by an enterprise for its workforce.

ASC offers recording, analytics, and quality management on premises and as-a-service from the cloud for contact centres, financial institutions, and public-safety organisations. The neo cloud is ASC’s approach to a flexible provisioning model that allows service providers and system integrators to add features to their portfolio and expand their business as they grow.

The mobile communications compliance solution supports users’ communications on any device, over any network and in any location. As a result, mobile communications for an enterprises’ worldwide workforce will be kept in compliance with regulatory requirements, such as MiFID II in Europe and the Dodd-Frank Act in the US.

“Today’s enterprise users are mobile and distributed, and their mobile communications must be in compliance with regulatory recording requirements,” said Dr. Gerald Kromer, CEO of ASC. “The Tango Networks Mobile-X service offers a groundbreaking solution for managing the mobile communications of an enterprise’s workforce. Our partnership ensures that capturing, recording and analysing these mobile communications is simple and efficient.”

“Recording and analytics are essential for today’s enterprises looking to enforce archiving rules and maximize the quality of customer communications,” said Douglas Bartek, CEO of Tango Networks. “Our partnership will enable an enterprise to extend ASC’s powerful communications archiving and analysis solutions to the devices used by the mobile, distributed workforce.”